A faculty or other mentor is responsible for guiding and monitoring the advanced training of Postdoctoral Researchers. In that role, the mentor should make clear the goals, objectives, and expectations of the training program and the responsibilities of the Postdoctoral Researcher. The mentor should regularly and frequently communicate with Postdoctoral Researcher, provide regular and timely assessments of the Postdoctoral Researcher’s performance, and provide career advice and job placement assistance. Requests by mentors for the initial appointment of a Postdoctoral Researcher must be accompanied by a mentoring plan. The plan will be reviewed to assure that the activities fall within the definition above.

The Provost has the authority to approve appointments and reappointments of Postdoctoral Researchers and to establish policies and guidelines that supplement this present policy. The Provost may expressly delegate to divisions and schools the authority to appoint, reappoint, or terminate Postdoctoral Researchers, all in a manner consistent with the requirements set forth below.