Salary and Stipend

Minimum salaries for all Postdoctoral Scholars must be at least $47,478 per year ($3,956.50 per month).

Units are responsible for establishing the criteria for determining the salaries of individual Postdoctoral Scholars within the norms of the unit.  Such criteria may include, but are not limited to, the individual’s qualifications, experience, performance as a Postdoctoral Researcher, funding availability in the discipline, and competitive salaries and stipends paid by other universities.

When a salary is established for a Postdoctoral Scholar, equity among all appointees in the three Postdoctoral Researcher titles within the academic unit shall be taken into consideration.

Provision of Minimum Pay Level for Externally Funded Fellows
When extramural agencies establish stipends at a rate less than the unit-established pay minimum, and the University elects to proceed with such an appointment, the unit is required to provide additional funding to bring the pay level of the Postdoctoral Researcher up to the established minimum. The mentor is required to arrange the additional funding before the appointment start date.

Exceeding the Maximum
The maximum salary for a Postdoctoral Scholar is $85,000. The Provost may approve a salary for a Postdoctoral Scholars or stipend for a Postdoctoral Fellow above the top of the authorized scale in exceptional instances.

Stipend Supplementation
A Postdoctoral Researcher in the Postdoctoral Fellow or Postdoctoral Fellow – Paid Direct title may have his or her stipend supplemented with additional funding beyond the scale minimum. Supplementation must conform to the terms of the fellowship or traineeship and, if paid with University funds, be paid in the Postdoctoral Scholar title.  The sum of stipend and salary may not exceed the maximum of the scale and must be consistent with University criteria for determining the appropriate pay level of an individual Postdoctoral Scholar.

Annual Pay Increases
Salary increases may be given annually to Postdoctoral Scholars on the basis of merit in accordance with established procedures.

Increases to Postdoctoral Fellows should be provided in accordance with the provisions of the extramural funding agency.