Other Policies

Other Personnel Policies applicable to Postdoctoral Scholars include but are not limited to the following: 

  • U103: Whistleblower
  • U201: Equal Employment Opportunity
  • U206: Nepotism
  • U401: Dependent Coverage
  • U402: Counseling Service/Staff and Faculty Assistance Program
  • U514: Long-Term Disability
  • U521: School Visitation
  • U601: Treatment of Confidential Information
  • U603: Smoking/NonSmoking
  • U604: Substance Abuse
  • U606: Workplace Violence

An index of all Personnel Policies may be accessed here

All University faculty, other academic appointees, postdoctoral researchers, staff employees and students are required to comply with the University’s COVID-19-related health and safety protocols and associated requirements. (August 2020)

The University’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy applies to Postdoctoral Researchers as well.

The University’s academic fraudacademic misconductconflict of interest, and FCPA policies are applicable to Postdoctoral Researchers.