Personnel Policies

To foster a Postdoctoral Researcher’s career, the mentor shall conduct an annual review with the Postdoctoral Researcher. A written evaluation will be provided to the Postdoctoral Researcher upon request. Divisions and schools may require the following for such reviews:

  • An assessment of the Postdoctoral Researcher’s progress to date, strengths, areas needing improvement, the potential for a research career in the discipline, and a summary of expectations and activities for the following year;
  • That a written summary of the review shall be provided to and signed by the Postdoctoral Researcher;
  • That a review will be conducted whenever a salary increase is proposed for a Postdoctoral Scholar. (Fellows’ stipends normally rise each year, as the funding agency determines.);
  • That any written evaluation will be maintained by the division, school or another central office.